So the time has come and you’re moving away to university, a pretty daunting event for anybody. It’s a big step for most of us into total independence and can be very stressful event where things can often be overlooked. Here however, are some helpful tips to make choosing the right accommodation and the overall moving process much easier.

Halls or University owned properties?

Now it is important to know exactly what you want and to know what each option offers and its advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking the university halls will be more social and there will be lots of people to meet straight away and attend the fresher’s events with. However, they will likely be louder than university owned houses, so if you’re not keen on the party scene and prefer a smaller closer knit group of people, then you may want to take this into consideration.

Halls are usually located nearer the university buildings so it’s potentially a shorter walk to lectures every day, halls also have the option of en suites (your own personal bathroom) and not many university owned houses will be able to offer this option.

Halls can also offer catered and self-catered options, so bear in mind that if you’re up all hours of the night and sleeping during the day you’re likely to miss the meal times, on the other hand, if you’re hopeless in the kitchen then maybe catered is for you.

You will also need to investigate pricing; halls and houses vary from university to university but remember that the most expensive option isn’t always best!

Internet access

This is often overlooked when looking at accommodation, most of us are used to WiFi but not everywhere will offer this, so you need to decide if using an ethernet cable is a big deal for you or not. Bear in mind that you will be unable to connect your phone to the internet without WiFi unless of course, it 3G technology.

What to take?

This is always a tricky topic to approach but it is important to add at this point that you don’t need to take everything!

Most accommodation will offer ample space for all your belongings but you will still need to be careful on what you chose to take with you.

When I moved I used it as a good opportunity to sort through all of my clothes and get rid of any well worn items. Half of my t-shirts didn’t even fit me anymore! So that cut down on my packing considerably.

You have to ask yourself questions like: “Do I really need all 10 of my guitars?”, “Do I need my entire library of books?” and “Is my extensive collection of rocks and minerals a wise thing to take?” This sort of thinking helps you to distinguish the things you can live with and without at university.

Depending on whether you’re going catered or self-catered, kitchen utensils are a must. Again, you will only need the basics such as: a couple of different sized saucepans, a frying pan, a baking tray and some plates and cutlery etc. It might be an idea to cook a few sample meals at home before moving away, just to get an idea of all the items that might be required.

Remember that you can always go home in the holidays and bring back anything you’ve forgotten.

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In the midst of the summer, the only thing you need to take care of is how to have more and more fun. Flowers are the easiest way to lift your spirit only by allowing yourself to taste their aroma and enjoy their colors and overall appearance. The only thing you can do when you have fun during the summer is to have more fun and flowers can certainly help you with that.


Regardless of where will you choose to spend July-in your home or on the beach, you need to be aware of certain types of flowers that have the ability to fully relax you and relieve you of all your stressful thoughts and sensations. The hydrangea is not only gorgeously looking in all of its colors but its divine aroma is enough to enchant you for long, pleasant hours. Bouquettes of this type of flower are nothing short of a magnificent surprise. The more you have of those on your balcony the more beautiful and pleasant to stay at it will be. There are two other plants which can completely throw your senses in perfect harmony with the summer sunshine. The delphinium is another blue flower with a magnificent odour and the eucalyptus is well known as an essential ingridient in the making of some of the finest soups. The combination of those three plants will truly make your July into perhaps the most enjoyable and peaceful period of the year for you. These particular flowers can be transformed into a series of spectacular bouquettes and arrangements. If you are further interested in them and you happen to love the three July flowers, you can contact your local florist and he will arrange the flowers for you so that their positive effect can be strengthened to a maximum extend.


In August, the weather is usually just as hot but you start to feel that the beloved days of the summer are slowly coming to an end and in order for you to keep your positive mood you have to say goodbye to the last season of the summer properly. The best flower for this is perhaps the gladiolus. It comes in warm, beautiful, utterly romantic and heart-gripping colours that has gathered the best of summer flowers in itself. Perfect for bouquettes, wonderful for your garden or your rooms, the gladiolus is the flower which can keep the memory of the summer in your heart for a long, long time. Then there is the gerbera which is a trademark symbol of the summer even if it is one of the less extravagant and attractively looking flowers. It has the power of the sun in itself and the very sight of that flower can take your mind of your troubles even if it is only for a short while. Another great August flower is also the daisy-miniature but notorious it is the sort of flower that has nothing to offer in terms of odour, but it can create more impact in terms of its appearance than most other flowers. It is one of the irreplacable flower symbols of the summer. The sight of thousands of daisies in your garden is one of the sights that you can observe for long hours without getting tired.  And last but not least, do not forget about the spandragons another flower with wonderful aroma and just as wonderful appearance. Place it in your garden or your room and you will feel your energy restored in no time.

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