It is often necessary to order or to create flower designs, and the simplest flower arrangements are easy to implement. For people who would like to pursue an art of arrangement of flowers, leaves, stems, etc. which conforms to the seasonal availability and at the same time has its meaning, an art that is rooted in Far Eastern traditions, ikebana is the answer. It is one of the more aesthetic hobbies if the category of aesthetics can apply to a hobby anyway. One advantage that attracts to the Japanese art is the fact that it has its peculiar rules of flower arrangement construction, not just the combination of colours, shapes and other elements of a bouquet or other floral design, but also its deep meaning suggested by those who delve deeper into information on ikebana.

Many connoisseurs insist that ikebana is a fully fledged art, like painting for example, and creativity is the key to the implementation of flower arrangements. It is known that in Japan flower arrangements are decorations which have the same status and value as paintings and other objects of art. It is part of the philosophy and the traditions of the Japanese culture.

Another attraction which makes many people enjoy engaging in ikebana is the fact that it is a powerful expression of Japanese people’s love for nature and its beauty. That is why all people who feel the strong bond that we all have with nature are delighted when they start implementing their own ikebana arrangements. In the concrete permeated urban settings, ikebana designs which use flowers and plant elements according to season are a breath of fresh air and means to feel communion with nature. With the aid of ikebana arrangements everyone can turn your clean and organized home into a more appealing place, by displaying ikebana designs wherever they feel such designs are appropriate. It is often reminded that in Japan people can see ikebana flower arrangements even in taxis. People can follow the example of Japanese people and arrange their ikebana designs for the kitchen, the corridor, or any place where they would like to have a floral group as a means of rest and relaxation for the eyes.

The principle of ikebana that nature is always in the course of changes, with one season following the other, is easy to observe, with seasonal flowers and plants used for flower arrangements. Flower designs serve not only as a delight to the eyes, they also serve to bring the charm of the outdoors inside. To make the link stronger, ikebana flower art designers can choose different plants, as well as leaves, branches, etc., to suggest the idea of variety in the outdoor setting. Of course, ikebana arrangements which contain just one flower are also possible. Even when people do not know much about the Japanese art, they can follow their intuition and artistic taste to bring out the beauty of even the simplest flowers and plant parts in arrangements which can speak volumes and exude freshness and optimism. The most important rule is to strive to suggest the connection between each flower arrangement and the natural settings outside, to show people that the arrangement is a symbol of nature.

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